Cellosaurus API

A very quick overview of the API functionalities


Get information about the current version of the Cellosaurus

The format of the response can be changed to tsv, json or xml by adding the format parameter to the URL, i.e. format=xml.
This is true for all API calls.

Get the short tandem repeat (STR) profile of cell line with accession CVCL_VG99 in json format

If the fields parameter is absent, the full cell line record is sent in the response.
See the bottom of this page to find a link to a page describing the list of cell line fields.

Find human cell lines obtained from the liver of a patient with an hepatoblastoma and retrieve their recommended name, acccession and the sequence variations

Any field name used as a value for the fields parameter ( here derived-from-site,ox, and di ) can also be used in the search query q parameter.
Search criteria in the q parameter are implicitly connected with a AND operator.
The search syntax is a subset of the Solr search syntax. See links at the bottom for details.
If you want to access and test the search method using a streamlined interface you can click here.

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